TORRAS Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount, 7.5W/10W Fast Charging Qi Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible iPhone Xs Max/XR/Xs/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10 Plus/S9/S9+/Note 9/Note 8


Innovation is always inspiring and now it has begun to revolutionize how we use our car chargers. As Apple is leading the technology with state-of-the-art reinventions, likewise by Samsung and other leading technology companies, Torras is reinventing the smart-gadgets to better benefit how we use them in our daily lives. The result is the Torras Wireless Car Charger Mount that works like a robot, looks futuristic, and alerts you when you even forget to take your phone after stopping your car engine.

As a technology enthusiast, I tested various car mounts to see if I can choose one that I can trust and rely on. I found many name brands or generic brands and  came to realize how flimsy and cumbersome most of them are. Some wireless chargers even take almost over 3 hours to fully charge during a long drive. Others pathetically wobbled and swung sideways upon bumps. With the TORRAS smart wireless car charger, you never have to worry about shaky performance. Its far beyond outdated car mounts, so-called high-end wireless chargers or low battery life of your wireless charge enabled latest smartphones while driving ever again.



This Qi certified wireless car charger is optimized for a plethora of smartphone types, supporting both iPhones and Androids as long as they are able to be wirelessly charged. There was never a single-charge interruption during my hours of driving using the Torras wireless car charger mount.

Although Torras is new brand, this wireless chargers performance rivals those of mainstream brands such as Vanmass and Vicseed. Its built quality is likely to outlast any car mounting abuse unlike traditional car mounts and chargers and some mushrooming wireless car chargers found in the market these days.



The product comes with the charger, a car vent mount, and a USB cable best suited for a fast charger which is bought separately, preferably the certified Qi charger by Torras sold separately. However, you may use any certified Qi adapter laying around.



The Torras charger is best fit for horizontal or vertical car vents, and is not optimal for round vents. It can be adjusted to your vent in seconds with a simple twist and lock system. Untwist the support to loosen the latch or attach it to your vent to keep it in place. This system ensures for almost no wobble on the road despite whatever bumpy terrain you may come across. This ensures a safe driving experience, uninterrupted navigation and the safety of your smartphone.

Regarding robot like usability, the Torras wireless car charger is semi-automatic, offering even more benefits. As soon as you place your smartphone on the wireless charger, two built-in supporting clamps close in automatically and secure your smartphone. For further support, there is an adjustable foot to match the size of your phone and accurately position it.

With three layers of security offered you never have to worry about your phone flying off or falling apart in the middle of a drive. Many drivers complain about smartphones fly off the hook the moment they need them the most. This is not the case with Torras wireless charger anymore. Offering secure, reliable and automatic clamps, Torras Wireless Car Charger and Mount is designated to secure your smartphone the safest way possible.


Torras has pushed its product feature even further than many brands have had through the informational use of LED lights. To indicate charging status, the charger emits different colors of light through minuscule and flushed LEDs on the bottom supporting feet. Immersive blue light indicates optimal continuous charging, while the alarming red light followed with a warning beep from the device itself indicates that the device is not receiving enough power to wirelessly charge your smartphone. This is probably the case if you are not using a recommended Qi adapter. You should get a high power adapter, like the TORRAS QC3.0 car adapter. Using a combination of a high power adapter and this secure and automatic wireless car charger will lead to an optimal and unbeatable performance.

When its time to take your Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone out of the Torras Wireless Charger, simply press any button conveniently positioned on the either side of the gadget and the securing clamps will withdraw. One of the best features yet: when you forgot to take your phone off the wireless charger after you stopped the car engine, it will automatically alert you beeping so you dont have to ever worry about trapping your phone in your car.


Although the Torras Wireless Charger Car Mount has only been around for a short amount of time, it has already become one of the Amazons Choice products, and has received stellar five star verified reviews. For only $45.99 this car mount is well worth the price. Although the price tag may sound like a lot for a charger, it will pay off by being far superior, smarter, and sturdier than any other wireless car mounts your money can buy today.


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