2019 Fold Phone big leak: Samsung /Huawei/Royole

Samsung /Huawei/Royole fold phone. Is that important to be fold phone for other phone company?


why foldables will be such a big deal? Because the hype around them is earnest and enormous. 

The manufacturers have already poured millions of dollars into research and development for foldables. 

It was so new and radically different, make the tech enthusiasts have to own immediately. 

The trigger company make this hype. Samsung, Huawei and Royole. This would usually be a precarious situation for a new product category.

The price for a foldable will dip below $1,000 before the end of 2020. 

Huawei’s Mate X and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold have set a high cost of entry with their $2000-and-up pricing.

 Yes, it is very high. But it also took manufacturers a lot to design it.

Some phone accessory companies are starting to design the case for fold.  

Spigen is one of the first to work out a design, and it’s shared mock-ups of three products it plans to release for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. 

We can see the case with front covers protecting the top and bottom bezels of the 4.6-inch outside display and cutouts 

for the triple-camera system on the back. 

The case fits for the book-like shape,using a hinge with multiple interlocking gears on the inside to fold closed.

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