FIVE Premium Choices to for Holiday Gifts

FIVE Premium Choices for Holiday Gifts to stand out from friends & relatives


For the past 5 years, cellphone industry has undergone an era of prosperity. 

Market attention has also been diverted from mere technology showing off to all dimensional comparison-exterior design, 

utility experience and customer service have also been a large part of the equation. 

With enlarged screen size and increased color options, customers have become pickier with style and figure of the phone.

 Now more than ever, cellphone cases, have now been issued the value of more than mere protection-complementary decoration to the device, among all other accessories. 

Ever since 2015, I have personally tested about 60 cases on the market and researched around 200 more online,

 from iPhone 6s to iPhone XS (Max)-the following products would be my first picks when someone ask for my opinion.

With fair amount of protection, these cases could also alter the visual spectacles of your phone in a way which help retain your interest.


TORRAS Love Series Cellphone Case

Fancy and homy are the two words coming out of my mind when I first laid my eyes on the case. 

This is the case you do not only feel the tenderness, but also could see it through your eyes. 

AMAZING!! Right?

Well, The soft silicone material provides silky smooth touch and easy control your hands,

 perfectly coherent with the harden corners design-fair amount of protection given to the style and material. 

This has been my favourite series of cases from the beginning, and THE case I would recommend for daily uses if not too bumpy.


MOSISO 3 in 1 Case Bundle--Hard Shell Case, Keyboard Cover& Screen Protector

3 reasons why I would recommend this case bundle to you.

Cool Design-- this case bundle provides up to 40 cool color choices!! 

This is pretty wild and I bet most of you could find The Color of Your Own instead of adapting to a few color presets.

The transparency of the case is just about right which would allow you to see the Apple logo clearly when lit up. 

I got the air blue case to match up with my light blue iPhone case. 

They looks beautiful just laying there together on my office table.


Other than the fashionable color design, the high price efficiency is another reason. 

The overall expense of all three units is only $14, which is insanely low for the above average quality.

The free silicone keyboard cover and screen protector are also pretty popular. 

Some might say that the screen protector is not a fit for the device while mind did just okay with a little help from the reviewers. 

As quoted from the site,

"It helps to attach the screen protector with an extra person to help.

 If one person takes the top of the screen and one person takes the bottom, 

you can each use a credit card to slowly put the screen protector on, avoiding bubbles. It worked perfectly for me!"

One last thing I need to mention is that the case is scratch resistant,

 as I have tested when it first came in, but will probably not survive a seemly moderate fall. 

The quality of the case seems a little brittle to me, so I would not test it for its impact resistance.

After all, it is a three unit case bundle with the same price of a bowl of UDON noodle. Pretty fair deal, right?


MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag

If you just happened to be in search for a functional and pretty sleeve bag for your laptop, here is a great choice; 

If you are not in the mood, well, just ignore what I am about to say.....


Reasonable Containment 

The bag is compact but not too tight. 

What is fascinating about the internal space design is that the internal space is big enough for you to stuff another 12.9 inch iPad Pro along with your 13 inch laptop, 

and yet keep it still when you carry it with only one device inside.The inner fiber layer is a plus for scratch resistance. 

The front pockets provide enough space for pens,cell phone, cables, chargers, power bank and business essentials,although it will be a tight for everything inside.


Great Protection

The padding around the frame is dense and seems protective enough for a 5ft fall. 

I have not got the chance to test its protection but I am confident that it will do the job when the time comes.


Amazing Style

I personally have a thing for simplicity design with good taste. 

This bag just hits the point with its slim& light weight figure and a great color match for my other two cases. 

To be honest, I bought the Serenity blue bag to match up with my other two blue cases mentioned above at first place, 

but when I got the bag, I fell in love with it immediately. 

The exquisite surface texture and the engraving zipper just exceed my expectation for a 13$ deal.


All in all, if you are looking for a functional, fashionable and inexpensive bag, this is the one; 

well If you are looking for a snug fit, this might not be your best choice.


Fast Wireless Charger (The red dot design award winner of 2018)

This pretty little piece is my most recent trophy and I have not had enough time with it to tell the pros and cons. 

However, its exterior design-Upscale cloth surface, soft leather edge and aluminum metal frame,is easy to eyes and looks pretty darn good on my office table. 

The charging speed is fast, although not so much as cable charging, and the LED light is subtle. 

The most intriguing design would be the 360 degree heat dissipation system ,which is pretty unique on the market.

 Apparently, it is used for cooling and prolong the life span of the product. 

Well, all of these are still too soon to tell, but I do have high expectation of this product. 

Let’s wait for more feed backs from the market.

Magnetic Car Mount 

I have had several magnetic dashboard holders before I got my hands on this one. 

Because of my travelling habit, steadiness is the crucial factor for my purchasing decision. 

However, the previous mounts did not survive long enough for the cost of them, 

usually around two trips and one even started to loose up half the way where I was headed.

 I had to adjust the angle constantly and with this much attention diverted, I missed a lot of view along the way. 

However, this magnetic mounts totally surpass my expectation with its stability, even for some extremely harsh road conditions. 

The four permanent neodymium magnets provide super strong stickiness to the device and the supporting system brings in extra steadiness. 

People might complain the magnets being way too strong and it would easily rip off the adhesive pads. 

Well, I had this problem first, and their customer support sent me a replacement,

 and told me to set the mount in still for at least 24 hours before using it, for the adhesive pads to be fully functional. 

I followed their instructions and it worked!!!! 

It has survived for 5 trips now and is still looking good! 

No sign of loosing up in any way you see it. 

If I were you, I would totally go for this magnetic mount for its steadiness and price efficiency.

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